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Print vs Digital Magazines

The appearance of glossy magazines and the sensory experience of flicking pages, collecting clippings and hanging onto a collection of great magazines is never likely to go out of fashion. The modern reality though, is that some people seem to prefer the smaller bites of information provided by digital media.

digital vs print

Digital magazines can offer readers opportunities to join a community of like-minded individuals and enables social shares, so the digital experience can be far more interactive. That said, many of the periodicals which made the leap into digital alone have folded or had problems retaining readership.


What’s even more interesting is that some of the most popular digital publications are now making moves into print. CNet established a popular digital publication aimed at the consumer tech readership and has now launched its own print version of the publication. Once a brand has established its name and readership either in the digital or print world, the next big step is to make moves to acquire bigger readership.

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For digital brands this means moving into the field of print magazines, while popular print magazines need to move to digital to enhance sales. In this respect print will never go out of fashion and digital can only improve overall sales. With the advent of digital being the biggest thing in the last 21st century, the online world is constantly changing our online presents. A number of online sites offer a number of things to users such as Online Sports Betting, online payment options, bidding and so much more – but be careful about each site!