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Is Print Dead or Dying?

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Online sources may state that print is dead or dying, but newspaper sources don’t seem to reflect this fact. Many newspapers have digital editions, yet haven’t moved solely into digital. The Independent newspaper has just announced its move to a digital platform only, however the fact it was giving away copies of its tabloid editions seems to show the newspaper has been struggling financially for some time.

Whether, The Independent will succeed in digital format alone remains to be seen and the newspaper is planning to trial out a variety of new formats. The advent of mobile internet and apps which allow the complete layout of newspapers and magazines to be viewed on tablets or mobile phones does seem to indicate that mobile readership is likely to increase in the future.

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The New York Times is another newspaper which has started to embrace the digital revolution, giving readers opportunities to subscribe to the online version and providing some news stories in digital format only. Whether print will die out is unlikely, as people do still like the feel of newsprint and the glossy looks of print magazines which can be useful to share among friends and display around the home.