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What is Murky Depths?

 magazinesWe have a wide range of free digital subscriptions to print magazines, giving you opportunities to receive top quality print magazines on a regular basis. If you enjoy reading magazines, take time to check out the available free digital subscriptions at Murky Depths.

How to Get My Writing Published

short story magazineIf you enjoy composing and writing and are looking for publishers, check out all the available options we have to help you get your works into print. Murky Depths provides you with all necessary opportunities to get your work published in print magazines. We publish:

Short stories,








Opinion pieces.

digital magazineThe world of print magazines is not dead, or dying. Everything that happens online is still exciting, bet it reading, gaming, shopping or visiting your favorite online casino where you wish to play your online pokie game, the online world is bursting at the seams! Discerning people still enjoy the many benefits of reading quality magazines, geared to specialist topics or mainstream consumers.


magazine printingThere’s nothing better than the feel and aroma of a top quality magazine publication, printed on the highest graded paper and providing readers with access to the best views, opinions and fictional works that are illustrated with fantastic photographs and art works. Reading on mobile devices and tablets is a very pedestrian activity when compared to the joys of flicking through real print magazines.